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Local Service Providers Come Together For YMCA Health Fair

Health FairWhen the West Essex YMCA sought to host a health fair for the benefit of the community, various key service providers stepped up to offer complimentary health screenings, free giveaways, workshops and lectures to Livingston families. Tables were set up throughout the facility for participants to learn their individual crucial health numbers like blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and body mass index.

Health Enhancement Director Barbara Santola and her department employees designed the health fair after local health care professionals approached them about speaking to YMCA members. Santola said the fair was a way to get all of the professionals in one place so that they could meet community members and offer guidance.

Saint Barnabas Medical Center sent a team of health professionals to provide health screenings for individuals looking to learn about preventative health practices. For some, learning their numbers allowed them to see where they might be at risk. Some screenings allowed existing health concerns to surface.

“It’s so important for everyone to practice preventative health,” Cardiac Rehab Nurse Mary Pfister said. “If you go to screenings like this you might even find something and do something about it.”

In addition to these screenings, three one-hour lectures were offered to anyone interested in learning about a specific health care practice. The lectures included a lung cancer screening workshop by Roland Romano at 12:30 p.m., a chiropractic health and nutrition talk by Daniella D’Alessio at 1:30 p.m. and a workshop by Alzheimer and Dementia Coach Kerry Mills at 2:30 p.m.

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